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Take a journey through poetry, song, and adventure as Airship Enoch and his history bot, Wizdom, discover the advanced technology of the Antediluvian Age. Equip yourself for battle as you encounter the hybrids, giants, and creatures from the forgotten world of AfterEden. Begin the journey now...


"Cliffside Storm"


- Fragment #1 -

- High Above The Clouds -


It was early one Spring on a new world coast,

and the waves had a roaring riff.

Towards the sun a gentleman leaped

high upon the cliff.


He was short and stocky with a steam-tail coat.

Airship Enoch was his name.

He was funny and smart with a fond sense of adventure,

but this day was not the same...



"Great Grandfather's Manor"


- Fragment #2 -

- Exploring Crystal Cavern -


Then, footprints on the beach towards Great Grandfather's manor.

Enoch knows the smells of old.

About forty more steps up a massive staircase

where a dusty piano was cold.


It played a tone like no sound before.

When D sharp started clicking, it had opened a drawer.

Confused but curious, with a questionable grin,

Enoch turns a gear that spins.


Oh, he was not ready, but he had shot straight upside down

to the bottom of a cave far below earth's ground.


"Lamech's Treasure"


- Airship Enoch -

- Fragment #3 -


On a quest indeed, Enoch was filled with joy.

He was searching his dreams as if a young boy.

And, when he searched, then found him a treasure.

He took a step, saw wondrous armor, hand-crafted leather.


He saw a journal with gears that were unmade with a chill

and a scroll to fight giants with a dance to kill.

A blueprint of a ship in the air, an airship with tricks,

a note from ancestor Lamech, "Build the Genesis VI."


"Advanced Antediluvian Age"


- Airship Balcony View -

- Fragment #4 -


He read stories of giant slayers

and researched his bloodline tree,

And from before the Great Flood,

a time of advanced technology.

His eyebrows raised,

this questions everything he knows.

He always felt like in class

the teachers were kind of slow.

A quick chuckle, now both eyes open with sight,

he took a deep breath and read through the night...